A ROCS score is a restaurant customer’s score as a customer that is accumulated by data from Restaurants. Like a credit score but as a restaurant customer. A ROCS score is designed to show a restaurant If a customer has a good restaurant dining “reputation” when they make a reservation.

Points (called ROCS) are earned by people doing things like:

  • Simply making your dinner reservations on time (seriously, it’s a thing with restaurants when people blow off their reservations)
  • Buying discounted dinner packages
  • Using Dynamic Dining and taking advantage of restaurants off-peak menu’s to get up to 25% off the check.
  • Checking in to promotional events like restaurant openings, celebrity appearances, and  VIP parties.
  • Restaurants endorsing the customer

The more often a member takes advantage of the deals being dished up daily on the Restaurant Authority Marketplace the more points they earn!

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